Travel Management

TMC is a leader in providing efficient and cost savings travel management solutions to meet your corporate travel budget objectives, while delivering the personalized service required by business travelers. Our team of travel professionals, the foundation of our success, can assist in developing, revising and enforcing a customized travel program to maximize savings and benefits.

TMC delivers complete travel management solutions:

TMC Air Programs

Contracted airfares and airline incentive programs provide savings of 25% to 45% on domestic and international fares.

TMC Hotel & Car Rental Programs

Offers access to the best available rates, discounted up to 40%, with major business hotel chains and car companies in 98 countries and 2,800 cities worldwide.

Travel Approval

Approvals requested to management for out of policy travel.

Travel Activity Analysis

Monitors travel activity to negotiate discounted rates for air, hotel and car rental on your company's behalf.

Profile Management

Online tool enables travelers and administrators to create and modify personal profiles ensuring the traveler's requirements are met every time.

Unused Ticket Track

Tracks unused tickets for future use.

Preferred Seat Track

Monitors preferred seats until departure.

Upgrade Track

Automatically attempts upgrades within travel policy.

Fare Track

Tracks lowest fare options.